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April 30, 2011

Day Spa New Orleans – Hot Stone Massage – An Ancient Therapy for Modern Times

Filed under: Services — Balance Spa @ 11:03 am

day spa New OrleansIf you’ve ever visited a New Orleans and had a traditional, Swedish massage, then you are well aware of the benefits this bodywork therapy can provide. As with the top day , offers services to enrich your massage experience.  Add hot stones to the mix, and you will be transported to a whole new level of calm, relaxation, and healing. A hot stone massage at a top day spa New Orleans is an extremely relaxing experience that offers unique benefits beyond those of a traditional massage.

Hot Stone Massage Is Thousands of Years Old – day spa New Orleans

day spa New Orleans – A form of that dates back thousands of years, hot stone massage has been practiced by peoples as diverse as the ancient Egyptians, East Indians, Chinese, Native Americans, and Hawaiians. The technique, used by most day spa New Orleans, was re-discovered by Mary Nelson, a massage therapist who introduced her “LaStone Therapy” technique in the early 1990s.

Hot Stone Massage, as it is used in most day spa New Orleans, involves the use of flat, smooth stones that are heated and then placed on various points along the body, as well as held by the massage therapist and rubbed over the client’s muscles. The stones are most often composed of basalt because of this mineral’s ability to retain heat.

Your day spa New Orleans will use as many as 20 to 25 heated stones, ranging in size from small to large, to treat different areas of the body. Sometimes cold stones are used in cases of inflammation and injured muscles.

Benefits of a day spa New Orleans Hot Stone Massage

A day spa New Orleans Hot stone massage works so well because the heat from the stones penetrates deeply into muscle tissue which relaxes them much more quickly than they would be during a traditional massage. In addition to being an extremely relaxing experience, a day spa New Orleans hot stone massage improves blood circulation and stimulates the release of toxins from the body. A hot stone massage can also:

• Quickly alleviate muscle aches and pain
• Reduce anxiety and tension caused by chronic stress
• Improve your ability to get a good night’s sleep
• Reduce depression by stimulating the production of serotonin.

What to Expect During a day spa New Orleans Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage from your day spa New Orleans is very similar to a traditional massage. The massage therapist oils the body first which ensures that the stones will glide easily over the skin. After the stones have been heated in 120- to 150-degree water, your day spa New Orleans therapist removes them and holds them; first , rubbing them in his or her hands for a few seconds before placing them on the skin, to make sure  they aren’t too hot. Even so, you should always let your day spa New Orleans massage therapist know if you experience any kind of discomfort.

Next, your day spa New Orleans therapist will use the stones and his or her hands to massage the muscles. The stones are also placed on various points on the body, including along the spine, in the palms, on the stomach, on the bottom of the feet, and between the toes, and allowed to remain there for a brief period of time.

Treat Yourself to a day spa New Orleans Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a precious gift you can give to yourself as well as the ones you love.  Call 504.595.5333 to speak with one of our licensed massage therapists to find out more about the benefits of a day spa New Orleans hot stone massage from the Balance Spa.

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April 25, 2011

Discover the Benefits of a Full-Body New Orleans Massage – Part 2

Filed under: Health,Services — Balance Spa @ 1:22 pm

Why is massage so effective? (Discover the Benefits of a Full-Body Massage – Part 1)

New Orleans Massage – A New Orleans massage from New Orleans, involves the direct manipulation of the physical body. A New Orleans Massage works so well on a host of conditions because massage encourages the body to relax. When the body is in a relaxed state, heart beat and breathing slow down, blood pressure decreases, and stress hormones go down as serotonin, the feel-good hormone rises. As a result, the many risks associateNew Orleans Massaged with stress – cardiovascular disease, anxiety, insomnia, and fatigue to name just a few – are significantly reduced.

New Orleans Massage – In addition, the manipulation of soft tissue and muscle results in improved blood and lymph circulation, as well as reduced tension in the muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and associated nerves. This allows for a more effective release of toxins from the body, improving health at the cellular level.

Here are some additional reasons why you owe it to yourself to get a full-body New Orleans massage New Orleans. 

A full-body New Orleans massage will help:

•    Reduce pain by releasing hormones known as endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killer.
•    Increase the flexibility of hip, shoulder, knee and other joints.
•    Stretch and loosen tight and/or weak muscles
•    Improve the quality and length of sleep
•    Improve respiration
•    Decrease water retention and cramping that occur during the menstrual cycle
•    Improve mental clarity and concentration
•    … and much, much more.

New Orleans Massage – With all of these benefits available, there’s really no reason for you not to schedule an appointment at Balance Spa New Orleans. Call us today at 504-595-5333 and let one of our licensed massage therapists help you select the that’s right for you.

Experience the benefits of receiving the full-body New Orleans massage from Balance Spa New Orleans today!

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March 14, 2011

Can Massage Alleviate the Need for Some Medications? – Massage New Orleans LA

Filed under: Health,Services — Balance Spa @ 4:30 am

Massage LA: Anyone who has experienced a great massage can attest to the anecdotal evidence that they walked away feeling better.  Massage has moved into top position as a treatment to help stressed people relax.  It  eases the tension on over-used, stiff muscles and lifts the spirits.  But to top this off, receiving a great New Orleans LA massage may help ease the symptoms of many illnesses.

leaps in popularity as a treatment and a career

Angela Shawn-Chi Lu/MEDILL Even one session of massage can decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol and boost the immune system, according to a study in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.


Sitting in a hallway of the Cortiva Massage Therapy Center in downtown Chicago, Jennifer Kaminski appeared ebullient-ready to take on anything in fact.

Few would guess she had just spent an hour in a dimly lit room, relaxing on her back, in almost complete silence, while a therapist stroked her muscles. Massages, however, have become a routine part of her life for stress reduction and relaxation.

"I’d rather do this than take a pill," said Kaminski, associate dean of the business school at Robert Morris University in Chicago. "It’s not just some fluff, downtown spa. They’re actually doing something for your muscles. I always see this as a doctor’s visit."

full article

is proud to offer a full menu of massage in New Orleans LA.  Visit our LA services page for complete information.


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February 28, 2011

Easing Osteoarthritis with Massage Therapy

Filed under: Health,News,Services — Balance Spa @ 3:00 am

MASSAGE – Once you’ve experienced an amazing massage from , New Orleans, there is no denying the many benefits of massage.  Studies have shown massage to benefit everything from muscle tension, to stress relief, to mental processing.  But did you know that receiving a massage regularly can also help relieve osteoarthritis?  Read the following article for more information.

Helps Osteoarthritis – Balance Spa New Orleans

Massage therapy might be a good prescription for people with osteoarthritis, a new study suggests.

The cartilage that cushions the joints is constantly wearing away due to everyday activities and being replaced through healthy repair mechanisms. But as we age, the repair process slows down and the joint cushion thins. The result is osteoarthritis, marked by joint pain, stiffness, and physical disability.

As many as 21 million people in the United States suffer from osteoarthritis, the most commonly reported chronic condition in elderly people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that osteoarthritis causes more physical disability than lung disease, heart disease, and diabetes, and annual costs associated with osteoarthritis are estimated at $60 billion.

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February 10, 2011

Valentine’s Day Spa Services

Filed under: Specials and Promotions — Balance Spa @ 11:55 am

Balance Day Spa New Orleans

TLC Massage 50 minutes: $105, 80 minutes: $135, 110 minutes: $170
Be ultra good to yourself or your loved one with this combination of Swedish, Aromatherapy and Deep Tissue Massage. This is just the TLC your body needs to fight fatigue and restore vitality.
*Add a complimentary Sea Foam Revitalizer Treatment if you choose

Couples Delight 50 min: $80 per person, 80 minutes: $110 per person, 110 minutes: $145 per person
You and your special someone will melt away as you enjoy a classic Swedish massage together in our couple’s treatment room. Improve circulation, ease muscle aches and relieve tension with this flowing, moderate pressure massage.
*Add a complimentary aromatherapy enhancement if you choose.


Radiance Facial 50 minutes: $90
Go from dull and sallow to bright and refreshed with a customized facial. This treatment will focus on the specific needs and concerns of the skin, including clarity, texture, elasticity and firmness. Leave glowing and hydrated after this facial treatment.
*Add a complimentary hand exfoliation if you choose.

Nail Services

Romantic Manicure 30 minutes: $20
Romantic Pedicure 30 minutes: $35
Nurture your nails with a warm soak, cuticle treatment, light massage and polish or buff.
*Add a complimentary aromatherapy enhancement if you choose.

Loews Hotel, 8th Floor
300 Poydras Street
New Orleans. LA 70130

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