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November 29, 2011

The Ongoing Quest to Combat Aging – Balance Spa New Orleans LA

Filed under: Nutrition — Balance Spa @ 7:00 pm

Spa New Orleans LA – As with so many things involving technology, the push to forestall aging is in the midst of a renaissance. At one end of the scale we have the likes of Aubrey De Grey, life-extension theorist, who is convinced that we are close to halting aging entirely as advances in technology begin to allow us to basically replace anything that goes bad in the body. On the other side of this debate are those who argue that aging is pre-programmed such that no intervention will keep the ‘animal’ alive indefinitely. The debate goes on.

For the moment, the miracle of interrupting the biological clock is still science fiction, however foreseeable the promise of immortality. And for the meantime we mere mortals must resort to more primitive means like food to slow the aging process. Yet, within this present reality of supplements and superfoods, there are many bizarre options. It’s both confusing and exciting. Who would have guessed that chocolate would become a sought after health food for its antioxidant content? And what about fish oil? There’s something fishy about fish oil. It was just a few generations back that children were being force-fed the stuff for their own good. Now, thanks to the gel cap, we can self-administer our Omega 3s and forego the pain. We’re still being told it’s good for us, though.

For the moment, the quest to combat aging, for both Balance LA and our society, is still very much with us. Fads come and go, yet there’s something recurrent about most of them. Fish oil, for sure. And nuts and berries, part of the hunter-and-gatherer diet (aka, Paleolithic Diet). Even eating food raw has become au currant. Meanwhile, we’re still being urged to eat our greens, except we’re getting more intense about it? It used to be enough to eat spinach and broccoli and green beans. Now, for added anti-aging effect, we need to eat things like kale, blue-green algae and wheat grass juice to keep healthy and combat aging.

Now there’s even a dietary school which favors near starvation as the path to longevity. The science suggests that test animals add an additional one-third to their life cycle with reduced food intake. Living past one hundred may be cool, but severe calorie restriction is a pretty high price to pay.

We live in paradoxical times. Science is showing us how to identify and isolate specific aspects of foods that seem to hold promise in targeting age-related issues. Stem cell research is taking us into other futuristic territory. Meanwhile, we are reaching back into history and even prehistory to find a way to maximize health and combat aging. Even with such resourcefulness the mystery of aging remains, but for how long we can only wonder.




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November 22, 2011

Fall/winter drinks to combat aging – Balance Spa New Orleans LA

Filed under: Nutrition — Balance Spa @ 7:00 pm

spa New Orleans LABalance LA – The fall and winter holidays are by design a time for comfort and indulgence, and thus can set us back from our goals to maintain fitness to combat aging. Some of us have fairly good control over our diet during non-holiday periods and then lose it as the holiday arrives. So how do we deal with such a situation, maintain our composure, and prevent lapsing into bad eating habits and make us feel, well, blah.

Rather than look to the food you eat at meal time, and risk messing with holiday tradition, consider focusing on what happens between meals. In particular, consider adding healthy in-between meal drinks that promote digestion, and keep your temptation for over-indulgence in check.

New Orleans LA would like you to consider a couple of possibilities to help you combat aging and keep you feeling energized rather than lethargic through the fall and winter holidays.

African Red Rooibos

This African tea has a rich red color and a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. Fruit added by some producers may give it a pleasant tartness. It is naturally caffeine free, contains antimutagenic and antioxidant properties which, though not conclusive, may retard the aging process, and is low in tannins. [https://www.blueshieldca.com/hw/articles/hw_article.jsp?articleId=HWHN-3938007&fromCategoryId=33&_requestid=674743] Historically, this drink has been popular in South Africa. It is becoming increasingly popular in North America and around the world. Rooibos tea has a light consistency and a full, uniquely pleasant taste. Enjoy.

Green Tea

This tea of course has a long history in East Asia and is widely acknowledged around the world for its health benefits.  Preliminary research suggests that green tea may play a role in bringing down LDL cholesterol, reducing the risk of some cancers, improving fat burning potential and alleviating depression. [http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART03092/My-Life-With-Tea-Part-One.html] It does contain caffeine.
While consuming drinks like tea that have healing potential makes sense, employing a strategy to maintain a healthy diet regimen through the holidays makes sense too, helping you keep the balance necessary to keep healthy and combat the effects of aging.

Happy Holidays from Balance !

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November 14, 2011

Lifting your spirits with a massage at Balance Spa New Orleans

Filed under: Services — Balance Spa @ 4:24 pm

massage New OrleansStress can really impact our spirits for the worse, not to mention our bodies. We all have our particular stressors and probably a variety of ways of dealing with them, some healthy and some not. Massage is a very healthy way of modulating the ups and downs of modern living, and is an ideal location. The pay off of a great massage treatment is more than relaxed muscles, but whole-body relaxation and receptivity to the world around us. And there really is no downside.

When our bodies are relaxed and feel good, our spirits rise naturally. – Balance

However, getting to that point of relaxation and ease is not like switching on a light bulb. Wouldn’t it be great if that unpleasant conversation we had with someone that stubbornly lingers in our mind could be removed so that we could focus on present concerns? Often we distract ourselves with more work or another conversation, some food or a drink, but it may reappear and compete for our attention still. Such internal communications can be exhausting and dampen if not ruin our spirits.

A positive approach is to deliberately encourage persistent negative emotions and mental chatter to move on by releasing tension from the body. A massage will relax the muscles and mind, bring you to an awareness of your body and have a positive impact on stress. With the help of a good massage practitioner from Balance Spa New Orleans, you can alleviate unwelcome tension from your body and welcome greater emotional wellbeing. This could be just what you need to focus on what’s in front of you, lift your spirits, and leave the past where it belongs. Your exhausted mind will thank you.

To learn about our new client specials visit our Balance Spa New Orleans specials page.

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November 6, 2011

The Spa is not just for women anymore – Balance New Orleans Spa (PART 2)

Filed under: News — Balance Spa @ 7:00 pm

(Read:  The Spa is not just for women anymore – LA (Part 1) here)

Men (and women) understand implicitly that being confident and relaxed and comfortable in their own body accentuates their appeal to others. New Orleans spaThe people around them respond positively to such calm and confidence. Consider what New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath said about the subject. “When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.” At Balance New Orleans Spa, a variety of services are available to bring out the best in you.

So, are some services more appropriate for men than others? Is there a line to draw? The fact of the matter is that any line being drawn is in a constant state of flux, so this is hard to determine. Some men may decline some treatments, just as women do. However, massage, manicures, foot baths, among many other treatments, can enhance appearance and rejuvenate the body and spirit. At Balance New Orleans Spa, we put you at ease as we maximize the benefits of each service offered.

The new millennium brings a great deal of latitude toward men’s self-expression. There is greater tolerance available today for men to take control of their self-image and the spa represents one avenue of this trend, but a very significant one, for it influences both outer and inner wellbeing.

It’s true that spas still serve primarily women clientele, but according to the International Spa Association, forty-five percent of spas now include packages targeting men. [http://www.experienceispa.com/articles/index.cfm?action=view&articleID=390&sectionID=4]. This is a trend that will continue, and we are now witnessing an age in which the is an act of empowerment, not only for women, but for men as well. Balance New Orleans Spa welcomes you.

(Read: The Spa is not just for women anymore – Balance LA (Part 1) here)

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October 31, 2011

The Spa is not just for women anymore – Balance Spa New Orleans LA (Part 1)

Filed under: News — Balance Spa @ 5:14 pm

Spa New Orleans LAFor modern-day ‘Princes of Denmark,’ the question of whether to exist or not (i.e., “to be or not to be”) has been decided. Men have arrived, and they are here to stay. A new question of the moment has arisen, though, and it confronts men head on: to spa or not to spa? It’s a question that ordinary men of previous generations could somehow avoid, but no more. At Balance LA, you or a man you know can address this question and, yes, even enjoy the process.

It would seem that a number of concerns could arise when mixing men and spa treatments, chief among them being the issue of masculinity. In recent history, the popular culture buttressed itself against such potential threats to manliness by mixing equal parts luxuriousness with action hero dominance. James Bond can have his spa treatment just so long as his moment of relaxation can be interrupted by the need to dispatch an enemy. Bruce Lee faced similar situations. Yet, in fact, these scenes come out of a previous era, and the reality on the ground today is that men are less inclined to link the spa treatment with a bad form of vulnerability, and are increasingly opening up to the idea that their sex appeal and charisma are enhanced, not diminished, with a trip to the spa. Consider a treatment for a man you care about at New Orleans LAand see for yourself.

Continued (The Spa is not just for women anymore – Balance Spa New Orleans LA(Part 2))


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October 24, 2011

Visiting the spa is no longer an over-indulgent luxury – Balance Spa in New Orleans

Filed under: Health,News — Balance Spa @ 7:00 pm

spa New OrleansJust two decades ago the spa was a decadent experience reserved for societal elites, and otherwise only indulged in on rare occasions.

The New York Times [http://nymag.com/beauty/features/41280/index1.html] reports that such visits to the spa were by no means a regular occurrence. Waxing was nearly unheard of, and facials a luxury. Manicures were done at home, and the massage was an indulgence.

Fast forward to today and you see a major cultural shift under way. At in and locations around the world, the has emerged as an integral part of lifestyle management. According to the Times article, spa treatments have gone from optional to necessary. From waxing as a prerequisite for the dating set, to manicures and eyebrow shaping as part of the professional’s uniform, having such procedures performed is viewed as a sign that you have arrived as a together modern individual, in control of your own body.

Spa treatments have broadened to become more inclusive of gender, socio-economic status, and age range. Spa packages typically range in price depending upon what’s being offered, providing a convenient menu selection balancing service with budget. At some locations, packages are even specified for gender for a more targeted experience, but most services appeal across genders. While the spa experience is traditionally an indulgence for adults, it is not uncommon to see parent and child fitting in a spa visit while shopping, or just while out-and-about. Even children in groups will make a day of it as a celebratory event or weekend pastime. For those adventurous spirits who look to explore the spa for these purposes, Balance Spa in New Orleans has the flexibility to accommodate your needs!

At Balance Spa in New Orleans, while the spa treatment has expanded in its appeal by widening its selection of services, it still retains its essential nature of luxuriousness and indulgence. Unlike certain services or commodities which have diminished in stature and quality over time due to market forces, at Balance Spa in New Orleans, the spa retains its elite, indulgent profile while opening up to a more diverse clientele.

If the current trend in spa treatment services continues to gain in popularity, it’s entirely possible that a trip to the spa will offer so many essential services to its clientele that regular visits will become a cultural standard. Balance Spa in New Orleans is at the forefront of this trend.

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June 27, 2011

Bloodsugar Levels, Laughter and Good Memories – the Key to Self-Control? – Balance Spa, New Orleans Spa

Filed under: Health — Balance Spa @ 7:00 pm


, Spa – So much of what we seek to achieve in life requires self-control. From weightloss, to fitness and breaking bad habits, self-control is the key to getting what we want out of life. Working to improve this skill is the perfect compliment to your better life regime including regular visits to Balance Spa, New Orleans Spa to improve health, fitness and control stress. Read the following article from the New York Times to learn the surprising truth about boosting willpower:

How to Boost Your Willpower

(From left: Robert Stolarik for The New York Times New York; Alan Zale for The New York Times; Owen Franken for The New York Times )

Every day, we are tested. Whether it’s a cookie tempting us from our diets or a warm bed coaxing us to sleep late, we are forced to decide between what we want to do and what we ought to do.

The ability to resist our impulses is commonly described as self-control or willpower. The elusive forces behind a person’s willpower have been the subject of increasing scrutiny by the scientific community trying to understand why some people overeat or abuse drugs and alcohol. What researchers are finding is that willpower is essentially a mental muscle, and certain physical and mental forces can weaken or strengthen our self-control.

Studies now show that self-control is a limited resource that may be strengthened by the foods we eat. Laughter and conjuring up powerful memories may also help boost a person’s self-control. And, some research suggests, we can improve self-control through practice, testing ourselves on small tasks in order to strengthen our willpower for bigger challenges.

“Learning self-control produces a wide range of positive outcomes,’’ said Roy Baumeister, a psychology professor at Florida State University who wrote about the issue in this month’s Current Directions in Psychological Science. “Kids do better in school, people do better at work. Look at just about any major category of problem that people are suffering from and odds are pretty good that self-control is implicated in some way.’’

Last month, Dr. Baumeister reported on laboratory studies that showed a relationship between self-control and blood glucose levels. In one study, participants watched a video, but some were asked to suppress smiles and other facial reactions. After the film, blood glucose levels had dropped among those who had exerted self-control to stifle their reactions, but stayed the same among the film watchers who were free to react, according to the report in Personality and Social Psychology Review.

The video watchers were later given a concentration test in which they were asked to identify the color in which words were displayed. The word “red,” for instance, might appear in blue ink. The video watchers who had stifled their responses did the worst on the test, suggesting that their self-control had already been depleted by the film challenge.

But the researchers also found that restoring glucose levels appears to replenish self-control. Study subjects who drank sugar-sweetened lemonade, which raises glucose levels quickly, performed better on self-control tests than those who drank artificially-sweetened beverages, which have no effect on glucose.

The findings make sense because it’s long been known that glucose fuels many brain functions. Having a bite to eat appears to help boost a person’s willpower, and may explain why smokers trying to quit or students trying to focus on studying often turn to food to sustain themselves.

Consuming sugary drinks or snacks isn’t practical advice for a dieter struggling with willpower. However, the research does help explain why dieters who eat several small meals a day appear to do better at sticking to a diet than dieters who skip meals. “You need the energy from food to have the willpower to exert self-control in order to succeed on your diet,” said Dr. Baumeister.

Kathleen Vohs, professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota, says that in lab studies, self-control is boosted when people conjure up powerful memories of the things they value in life. Laughter and positive thoughts also help people perform better on self-control tasks. Dr. Vohs notes that self-control problems occur because people are caught up “in the moment’’ and are distracted from their long-term goals.

“You want to look good in a bikini next summer but you’re looking at a piece of chocolate cake now,’’ said Dr. Vohs. “When we get people to think about values we move them to the long-term state, and that cools off the tempting stimuli.’’

Finally, some research suggests that people struggling with self-control should start small. A few studies show that people who were instructed for two weeks to make small changes like improving their posture or brushing their teeth with their opposite hand improved their scores on laboratory tests of self-control. The data aren’t conclusive, but they do suggest that the quest for self-improvement should start small. A vow to stop swearing, to make the bed every day or to give up just one food may be a way to strengthen your self-control, giving you more willpower reserves for bigger challenges later.

“Learning to bring your behavior under control even with arbitrary rules does build character in that it makes you better able to achieve the things you want to achieve later on,” said Dr. Baumeister. “Self-control is a limited resource. People make all these different New Year’s resolutions, but they are all pulling off from the same pool of your willpower. It’s better to make one resolution and stick to it than make five.”


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June 24, 2011

Healthy Snacks: 10 Ideas for More Wholesome Eating – Balance Spa in New Orleans

Filed under: Health,Nutrition — Balance Spa @ 7:25 pm


Visiting in is a huge step in the healthy lifestyle we are all seeking. After all, our focus in New Orleans is on revitalizing the body and soul; offering an extensive menu of to accopmplish both.

Most have heard by now that we should all eat every 3 hours. It makes our digestive system happy, our energy level even, and our body, mind and soul engaged throughout the day. However, at Balance Spa in New Orleans we also see the fast paced lifestyle that today's world seems to demand. Here are some excellent snack suggestions from ZenHabits.com to keep your diet intact and nourish the whole you:

Healthy Snacks: 10 Ideas for More Wholesome Eating

roast chickpeas

Reading Get Started: From Overweight to Healthy recently on Zen Habits, I couldn’t agree more with Leo’s advice.

Eat move veggies, drink more water, move more and get rid of the junk. All great ideas.

It also got me thinking. For me at least, the most difficult part of healthy eating is when it comes to snacks.

It would be nice to think we’re all going to start reaching for a raw carrot or celery stick when hunger strikes between meals. But it can be difficult to go from junk to super healthy in one step.

So here are a few ideas to help you snack more healthfully.

As with all things, remember that even healthy snacks aren’t going to be good for you in large quantities, so moderation is key.

10 Healthy Snack Ideas

1. nori sheets
Head to your local Japanese or Asian grocery store and grab some nori. Yes, the seaweed stuff used in sushi rolls is delicious fresh from the pack. Although it is quite drying so you will need some water with it.

2. nuts
My go-to snack, especially when I’m traveling. Almonds, brazil nuts, macadamias, pistachios: there’s so much variety to explore. Nuts are portable, delicious and packed with minerals. Look for dry roasted, preferably unsalted. And remember nuts like almonds with their skins on have more fiber than those without.

3. kale chips
There are a heap of different commercial kale chips on the market these days. While delicious, they tend to be expensive, so you could have a go at making your own. Just toss some kale (or other leafy greens) in a little oil, layer on a baking sheet and bake for 5-10 minutes until crisp.

4. salsa
Based mostly on tomato and chilli, a good salsa can be a great way to boost your veggie intake.

5. nut butters
Look for unsweetened nut butters such as almond or cashew butter at your local health food store, or try making your own. Pop a handful of nuts in your food processor and whizz until it forms a nut butter, adding a little oil to help if it looks too dry.

6. antipasto
The Italians know a thing or two about healthy snacking. Olives, marinated veg like eggplant, artichokes or peppers all make wonderful quick snacks. You can even throw in a little proscuitto (but don’t tell Leo).

7. mezze
Similar to antipasto, these Lebanese small plates are a great thing to have in the fridge. Hummus is probably the most famous but there’s also babaganoush, tatziki and beetroot drips to make your carrot and celery sticks more appealing.

8. boiled eggs
While not for the vegans, eggs are a wonderful source of protein. Boil up a whole batch at once then keep them in the fridge to peel and eat with a little salt and pepper as needed.

9. roast chickpeas
I just adore chickpeas (garbanzo beans) in all their forms. And have recently started roasting them and tossing with a little spice to serve as a snack. So. Good. [recipe below]

10. dark chocolate
When only something sweet will do, dark chocolate is your best bet. At least you’ll also be getting some antioxidants. Look for good quality brands that tell you the % cocoa solids. The higher the cocoa, the less sugar.


roasted chickpeas
makes about 1 1/4 cups

By all means cook the chickpeas from scratch if you prefer, but I find canned chickpeas work really well, without the effort.

Feel free to play around with the spicing. If you can’t find smoked paprika, a little cayenne pepper or chilli powder would be lovely. Or keep it simple with just some sea salt and black pepper.

If you have any leftovers, allow them to cool completely before storing in an airtight container. Will keep for a week or so but I like them best while they’re still warm.


1 can chickpeas (14oz / 400g), well drained
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon smoked paprika, optional

1. Preheat your oven to 400F (200C).

2. Place chickpeas in a roasting pan or oven proof dish, drizzle with olive oil and bake for 10 minutes.

3. Stir the chickpeas and sprinkle over the paprika. Bake for another few minutes until the chickpeas are golden and crisp on the outside.

4. Season generously with pepper and sea salt and serve warm or at room temperature.



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June 13, 2011

Social Gatherings that Won’t Go To Your Waist – Balance Spa, New Orleans

Filed under: Fitness,Health — Balance Spa @ 7:00 pm

, – Socializing is known to play a huge part in a healthy life style. , New Orleans we know that social events allow us an opportunity to bond with others. It reduces stress and aids in achieving a healthy outlook on life. Unfortunately, many of the traditional venues and activities used in many cultures as social events can have negative consequences on our physical health. From activities that are mainly stationary to events that involve unhealthy food and drink, many of these can be damaging to our body. Balance Spa, New Orleans is happy to share with you this idea-filled article from Organic Spa Magazine to get you thinking about new ways to socialize that won't show on your wasteline.

At Play with Gal Pal Friday

Many folks planning to celebrate traditional weddings or parties this season also aim to curb their budgets and try something unique. We asked Sophia Paliov in Los Angeles, an “active party planner” to show us how to shape up our own festivities
this season:

Game Night. Instead of hosting a typical game night with static board games, try one of the hyper Wii games for fun. “For kids’ parties and bar mitzvahs, I suggest the Just Dance, Sports Resorts, Wipe Out or Minute to Win It WII games,” says Paliov.

Bachelor(ette) Revelry. Morph your celebration into something healthy with golf getaways, badminton tournaments, tennis lessons for the wedding party or sushi-making dinners. “You can always do the spa afterwards,” says Paliov.

Summer BBQ. A poolside cookout is perfect! “Competitive games between all your guests, like water polo is ideal. “Everyone works up an appetite for the main course,” she says. “The invitation should remind your guests to bring swimsuits and sunscreen.”

Gal’s Night. These wild eves usually involve cocktails and fatty food, so turn it into a “Girl’s Workout Night” instead, and invite chicks over for a new DVD workout (try Pilates or belly dancing!). “It’s the best way to girl-bond, giggle, and get in shape,” says Paliov. Afterwards serve a low-cal meal you create together, such as salmon salads with wine spritzers…fun!

Park Picnics. Plan ahead when you pack. Family gatherings should include calorie-smoking volleyball games, a Hackey Sack or Frisbee, and balls for basketball or soccer. For more playful party ideas, log onto galpalfriday.com.

Nicole Dorsey Straff is Organic Spa Magazine’s Contributing Editor of Play and Adventure.


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June 7, 2011

Taming Stress – Balance Spa New Orleans

Filed under: Health — Balance Spa @ 7:00 pm

Taming Stress –

Is A Visit to Your Favorite  Enough to Manage Your Stress? – Balance
Balance Spa New Orleans – One of the biggest factors affecting our overall health today is stress. Although frequent visits to Balance Spa New Orleans can help counter-act the effects of stress, many find that they need to take extra steps to combat stress. To make the matter worse, in today’s fast paced world, many people have no idea of how to reduce their stress. A common solution for many to accept stress as a natural part of life and learn to feed off of it. But is this the best solution? Take a look at this article from Women’s Health discussing this serious matter:

spa New OrleansDo You Stress Yourself Out?

More and more women are overworked, overwhelmed, and overwrought. The bigger problem: They’re proud of it! Learn how to break an unhealthy, addicted-to-high-anxiety lifestyle
Maura Rhodes
When you think about it, stress is a mysterious thing: You can’t see it or touch it, but you definitely know it’s there. And its enigmatic nature just might be preventing us from fully realizing the damage stress can do—to our minds, bodies, and spirits.
According to the American Psychological Association, more than half of all women say they’re “highly stressed,” an increase of 25 percent from just four years ago. But very few do anything to chill out. In fact, many seem to be saying “bring it on!” because somewhere along the line being stretched to the limit turned into a badge of honor.
That’s how it was for Meredith Bodgas, 28, of Forest Hills, New York. Before switching to a lower-key Web job, Bodgas worked until 9 p.m. most nights. “I figured anyone who left before 7 p.m. simply wasn’t as valuable,” she says. She subscribed to the same misguided belief adopted by so many modern women: Stress is synonymous with success—and if you’re not totally fried, you may not be doing enough. “I loved it when people would ask me ‘How do you do it?’ ” admits Bodgas, “even though I suspect what some of them really meant was ‘Why do you do it?’ ”

Stress Appeal

Turns out, high anxiety may be, well, an actual high.
“Some people think they need to be stressed all the time in order to really feel alive,” says Patt Lind-Kyle, author of Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain: Applying the Exciting New Science of Brain Synchrony for Creativity, Peace, and Presence. They become hooked on the rush they get from stress, which stimulates hormones such as adrenaline, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and especially cortisol. The tension can become addictive—and as with most addictions, it can usher in an unhealthy craving.
The ready willingness to put out a welcome mat for stress also stems from myriad social and cultural pressures. While you’d think the feminist movement would have moved women way past this by now, “many still feel driven to prove they can be just as successful as their male counterparts,” says stress researcher KaMala Thomas, Ph.D., an assistant professor of psychology at Pitzer College in California.
“In fact, studies show that women expect to juggle multiple roles from an early age. The result is that they end up thriving on stress and feeling guilty if they’re not multitasking. They get used to the adrenaline rush and eventually interpret stress as a drive to be productive rather than a potential source of long-term health problems.”
Compounding this is the possibility that women embrace stress because, somewhere along the way, they came to believe that the more frazzled they are, the better person they are. “Many young women think if they’re not working every second of every day, they’re lazy,” says Steve Orma, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist in San Francisco.
“They are ashamed of taking breaks and feel they’re not a ‘good’ enough person if they aren’t pushing themselves to the absolute limit. It has become a moral issue.”
Plus, a lot of women are willing to forgo sleep and sanity for an implied payoff. In Bodgas’s case, she figured the more hours she clocked—and the higher her stress meter continued to soar—the greater her reward would be. “I felt as if I were one of those pledging frat guys who tells himself that the fraternity must be amazing if he has to go through so much horrible stuff to get in,” she says.
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