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November 6, 2011

The Spa is not just for women anymore – Balance New Orleans Spa (PART 2)

Filed under: News — Balance Spa @ 7:00 pm

(Read:  The Spa is not just for women anymore – Balance LA (Part 1) here)

Men (and women) understand implicitly that being confident and relaxed and comfortable in their own body accentuates their appeal to others. New Orleans spaThe people around them respond positively to such calm and confidence. Consider what New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath said about the subject. “When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.” At Balance , a variety of services are available to bring out the best in you.

So, are some services more appropriate for men than others? Is there a line to draw? The fact of the matter is that any line being drawn is in a constant state of flux, so this is hard to determine. Some men may decline some treatments, just as women do. However, massage, manicures, foot baths, among many other treatments, can enhance appearance and rejuvenate the body and spirit. At Balance New Orleans Spa, we put you at ease as we maximize the benefits of each service offered.

The new millennium brings a great deal of latitude toward men’s self-expression. There is greater tolerance available today for men to take control of their self-image and the spa represents one avenue of this trend, but a very significant one, for it influences both outer and inner wellbeing.

It’s true that spas still serve primarily women clientele, but according to the International Spa Association, forty-five percent of spas now include packages targeting men. [http://www.experienceispa.com/articles/index.cfm?action=view&articleID=390&sectionID=4]. This is a trend that will continue, and we are now witnessing an age in which the spa treatment is an act of empowerment, not only for women, but for men as well. Balance New Orleans Spa welcomes you.

(Read: The Spa is not just for women anymore – New Orleans LA (Part 1) here)

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October 31, 2011

The Spa is not just for women anymore – Balance Spa New Orleans LA (Part 1)

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Spa New Orleans LAFor modern-day ‘Princes of Denmark,’ the question of whether to exist or not (i.e., “to be or not to be”) has been decided. Men have arrived, and they are here to stay. A new question of the moment has arisen, though, and it confronts men head on: to spa or not to spa? It’s a question that ordinary men of previous generations could somehow avoid, but no more. At LA, you or a man you know can address this question and, yes, even enjoy the process.

It would seem that a number of concerns could arise when mixing men and spa treatments, chief among them being the issue of masculinity. In recent history, the popular culture buttressed itself against such potential threats to manliness by mixing equal parts spa treatment luxuriousness with action hero dominance. James Bond can have his spa treatment just so long as his moment of relaxation can be interrupted by the need to dispatch an enemy. Bruce Lee faced similar situations. Yet, in fact, these scenes come out of a previous era, and the reality on the ground today is that men are less inclined to link the spa treatment with a bad form of vulnerability, and are increasingly opening up to the idea that their sex appeal and charisma are enhanced, not diminished, with a trip to the spa. Consider a treatment for a man you care about at Balance LAand see for yourself.

Continued (The Spa is not just for women anymore – Balance (Part 2))


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October 24, 2011

Visiting the spa is no longer an over-indulgent luxury – Balance Spa in New Orleans

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spa New OrleansJust two decades ago the spa was a decadent experience reserved for societal elites, and otherwise only indulged in on rare occasions.

The New York Times [http://nymag.com/beauty/features/41280/index1.html] reports that such visits to the spa were by no means a regular occurrence. Waxing was nearly unheard of, and facials a luxury. Manicures were done at home, and the massage was an indulgence.

Fast forward to today and you see a major cultural shift under way. At in and locations around the world, the has emerged as an integral part of lifestyle management. According to the Times article, spa treatments have gone from optional to necessary. From waxing as a prerequisite for the dating set, to manicures and eyebrow shaping as part of the professional’s uniform, having such procedures performed is viewed as a sign that you have arrived as a together modern individual, in control of your own body.

Spa treatments have broadened to become more inclusive of gender, socio-economic status, and age range. Spa packages typically range in price depending upon what’s being offered, providing a convenient menu selection balancing service with budget. At some locations, packages are even specified for gender for a more targeted experience, but most services appeal across genders. While the spa experience is traditionally an indulgence for adults, it is not uncommon to see parent and child fitting in a spa visit while shopping, or just while out-and-about. Even children in groups will make a day of it as a celebratory event or weekend pastime. For those adventurous spirits who look to explore the spa for these purposes, Balance Spa in New Orleans has the flexibility to accommodate your needs!

At Balance Spa in New Orleans, while the spa treatment has expanded in its appeal by widening its selection of services, it still retains its essential nature of luxuriousness and indulgence. Unlike certain services or commodities which have diminished in stature and quality over time due to market forces, at Balance Spa in New Orleans, the spa retains its elite, indulgent profile while opening up to a more diverse clientele.

If the current trend in spa treatment services continues to gain in popularity, it’s entirely possible that a trip to the spa will offer so many essential services to its clientele that regular visits will become a cultural standard. Balance Spa in New Orleans is at the forefront of this trend.

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May 24, 2011

Learning Relaxation Techniques Proven to Lengthen Life? – Balance Spa New Orleans

Filed under: Health,News — Balance Spa @ 9:21 am
-  For centuries society has sought to improve their life and health through relaxation. From the history of meditation which precedes historical record, to the imperial bath complexes of ancient Rome, man has instinctively searched for ways to reduce stress. And now, science is backing up this instinctual undertaking. Read about the latest science of relaxation below:

Predicting the Future: New Blood Test for Longevity?

spa New OrleansIf you could find out your approximate age of death, would you want to do so? I’m not talking tarot cards, psychic readings, or messages from above; I’m talking a blood test that claims to predict your biological age and how much longer you will last.
Soon to be available in the U.K , the test measures the length of telomeres, a DNA structure which controls the longevity of dividing cells. The shorter the telomere, the faster you are aging. A very specific blood test can determine telomere length and, based on the length can use an algorithm to assess longevity based on current lifestyle.
Life Length, a research company based in Spain, developed the test and is working on approvals throughout Europe and America. While the test will not tell you the exact date or year of your demise, it can make predictions within a decade.
“Knowing whether our telomeres are a normal length or not for a given chronological age will give us an indication of our health status and of our physiological ‘age’ even before diseases appear,” said Maria Blasco, the head of the telomeres research at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, in Madrid.
The test involves blood being drawn at a lab and will take about four weeks for results. The cost to know your fate: In England the price is set at £435, which is roughly $705 at today’s exchange rate.
The upside of a test like this is that you have the opportunity to make lifestyle changes that will benefit you and increase your lifespan, should you choose to do so. A study published online and in print form, in The Lancet Oncology in 2008, gathered evidence showing major lifestyle changes may extend life and prevent premature cell death.
Thirty men with low-risk prostate cancer who were asked to make significant lifestyle changes participated in a study lead by Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, a UCSF biochemist and known for her discovery of telomeres, along with her lead colleague Dr. Dean Ornish.
The men were introduced to their new lifestyle, which lasted for three months, during a three-day residential retreat. They were taught stress reduction techniques, and given instructions on how to follow their strict diet, that involved a 10 percent lower calorie diet from fat, low refined sugars, and a diet filled with fresh fruits, veggies, whole foods, fish oil and supplemental vitamins. They were also taught to incorporate a moderate aerobic activity to their daily regimen and even learned relaxation methods, and breathing techniques.
Telomerase levels for the men were taken at the beginning of the study, and again after the three-month period. Researchers discovered telomerase in the blood increased by 29 percent and bad cholesterol decreased. Telomerase is an enzyme that repairs and lengthens telomeres, a DNA protein complex which affects how fast cells age.
Would you be willing to take the test? Would you alter your life accordingly or continue on the path you are on?
Balance , we specialize in helping people relax. From our relaxing amenities to our extensive menu of , Balance Spa New Orleans is dedicated to helping our guests escape the stresses of everyday life. Call us today at (504) 595-5333!
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March 28, 2011

Join The Look Good For Your Age Movement with Balance Spa New Orleans

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– For centuries women have struggled to find their beauty philosophy.Should they resign themselves to grow old naturally and accept natures’ natural course as it is played out on their body, or fight it tooth-and-nail, often going to extremes as far as their budgets will allow to reverse the process with sometimes unreal results? Balance Spa New Orleanse has seen signs and is happy to support followers of a new philosophy outlined by More Magazine:

The Look Good For Your Age Movement

by Emily Listfield

SPA LOCATIONYears ago, I had a friend whose husband gave her money for a face-lift as a 50th-birthday present. (Before you rail against him, let me clarify: She convinced him it was the only gift she truly wanted.) As she prepped for surgery, she began to talk to the other women waiting to go under the knife. Each of them was on the verge of turning 50. The face-lift, it seemed, was a rite of passage for a certain type of woman at a certain time.

That time is gone. Women have moved away from wanting to look as young as possible in favor of wanting to look as good as possible for their age. “In the past, women could go into a doctor’s office and end up looking ‘younger,’ but it was rarely a natural look,” says Jon Turk, MD, a New York plastic surgeon. “We’d rely on pulling and tightening. There’s nothing graceful about a face-lift pulled behind the ears. Now women prefer to maintain a more subtle, natural beauty. It’s not necessarily about looking younger. If someone looks good for her age, it implies that she has a healthy lifestyle, that she is happy.”

read more here.

New Orleans our goal is to help our customers look fantastic for their age.  Stop by our location at:300 Poydras St # 8, New Orleans, LA 70130 (in the Leows Hotel) for a full menu of our look-young services. Or visit our website:  Balance Spa New Orleans.

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February 28, 2011

Easing Osteoarthritis with Massage Therapy

Filed under: Health,News,Services — Balance Spa @ 3:00 am

MASSAGE – Once you’ve experienced an amazing massage from , New Orleans, there is no denying the many benefits of massage.  Studies have shown massage to benefit everything from muscle tension, to stress relief, to mental processing.  But did you know that receiving a massage regularly can also help relieve osteoarthritis?  Read the following article for more information.

Helps Osteoarthritis – Balance Spa New Orleans

Massage therapy might be a good prescription for people with osteoarthritis, a new study suggests.

The cartilage that cushions the joints is constantly wearing away due to everyday activities and being replaced through healthy repair mechanisms. But as we age, the repair process slows down and the joint cushion thins. The result is osteoarthritis, marked by joint pain, stiffness, and physical disability.

As many as 21 million people in the United States suffer from osteoarthritis, the most commonly reported chronic condition in elderly people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that osteoarthritis causes more physical disability than lung disease, heart disease, and diabetes, and annual costs associated with osteoarthritis are estimated at $60 billion.

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